Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In no way is the choice between Coke and Pepsi of the same import as the choice between Prius and Humvee; Coke/Pepsi is a question of taste with a broad socio-economic base, Prius/Humvee a choice with a more narrow economic base identifying with distinct social, cultural and political ideologies.

These complexities in choice lead the marketer to the development of personas.
Identity marketing...it's the commercialization of ego...and it begins at an early age, you know Coke or Pepsi? Verizon or Sprint? PC or Mac? Prius or Humvee? Red Socks or Yankees? Red State or Blue State? As members of a consumer culture we closely align our identities to the brands (yes, even political brands) we use as well as define ourselves by the brands we reject. For instance, since I was a child, I was Coca Cola... it symbolized all that was right about life...including the 20th century Santa... and Pepsi? Well!Those who drank Pepsi might just as well have been worshippers of the devil. We(my family) didn't drink Pepsi...this further protected me from who I wasn't. Well, you can imagine my shock when I discovered several years back that I preferred Pepsi!

Next post...means of creating identity...

Identity marketing